Monday, 6 August 2012

Diary Cover

The boy is out tonight so I'm finally covering up my cheap, cheap, cheap diary. I bought it just after Christmas for only a few pennies from Wilkinsons as I badly needed it for work. It has been annoying me for 8 months now but now it is covered and looks much better!

I used the pattern from my newest crafting book by Chloe Owens all sewn up, which is billed as having '36 exquisite projects, using applique, embroidery and more'. It is a beautifully produced book, with Chloe's illustrations throughout. It's probably the best craft book I've bought in a while, the projects are all the right side of doable and cute without being too twee :)

It is a very simple project, basically just a rectangle of fabric, edged in the right way. What I quite like in this book is all the machine applique, which since making the blankets for Nat's babies, I've been wanting to do more of.

Here is the diary before hand:

Pretty boring, I am partial to polka dots but I'm sick of the sight of these ones!

And here is the final result! I used a heart applique rather than a little bird, much simpler and although I'm not usually a fan of covering things in hearts, I like it in this red polka dot!

And that is that! See y'all next time :) We have a craft night next week, so that will probably be the next post.

Love Ali


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