Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Secret Baby Blanket Project: Part 2

So here for the actual blanket bit! Looking back on how long it took for us to make this, it's a miracle the babies weren't starting school before they got their newborn blankets! We started all the way back in February, plotting and planning secret - all organised through what we now know was a very effectively secret facebook group (many was the time we were worried Nats was able to see, and just keeping discretely quiet!).

We very subtly used Pinterest, and the facebook page, to gather lots of different ideas. Turns out it is quite difficult to organise between 4 people what would be a good idea, and us all being quilting novices, not really knowing what was insanely difficult and what just looked difficult. In the end we got together and chose a pattern from Cath Kidston's 'Sew'. It is a lovely pattern, quite simple but very sweet, and included skills we were all 'learning' (i.e. most of us haven't tried before!) including basic piecing and applique.

My sister has made this quilt twice for two other lucky babies, and they have always looked very cute. Once she adapted it to have elephants and giraffes too.

We had several days and evenings of getting together, going on fun trips to find the fabric. Colour choice left me confused and scared, but thankfully Laura knows her friend very well and managed to choose colours very similar to the nursery! Hurrah! They aren't finding out the sex of the babies until they are born, but none of us are very keen on the pink for girls/ blue for boys dynamic anyway, so that was good with us!

Now for some making photos!

Beginning the process, lots of tracing and cutting!

The boys that were lying around the house weren't in to helping with the quilting, but did have lots of fun with board games!

Working with four people, we got all the pieces cut and ready to pull together in one afternoon!

All sewn together, just cutting the backing and batting


Look at the concentration on that girl's face!

Ta da!

The best bit, this is Nats and Laura. Guess who is who!

All our goodies, photo from Nats.
And that was it! Fun times, looking forward to doing this all again ;) Hopefully there will be a future post with the babies all cuddled up :)

Ali xx

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