Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to: Crochet Heart Garland

Hi everyone! We're switching things up a bit tonight and instead of Alison at the helm, it's Laura. Don't worry, you're in safe hands I promise.

Let me tell you a little something about myself. I absolutely blooming love crochet. It's so fun and infinitely less stressful than knitting. All of the yarn-based joy, none of the dropped stitches...

Whenever a present giving occasion arises, it is always my go-to craft.  Five minutes on Pinterest and I've found a pattern and am on my way. Most recently, when Alison got engaged (exciting!) and asked me to be bridesmaid at the wedding (double exciting!!). So, to say a simultaneous congrats and thank you, I decided to make her and her fella a little something.

I decided to make her some heart bunting for her fireplace - with a crochet twist. I made my bunting using this pattern by Bunny Mummy (she has some other lovely crochet tutorials over there - check it out!). Full credit for this pattern lands squarely with her. Fancy making your own? I've translated the pattern for the UK crafter. 

Ready? Let's go! You'll need a 4mm crochet hook and 2 or 4 colours of DK yarn of your choosing. I opted for a purple, green, coral and cream combo - but you can choose whatever colours you like!

1. Chain 5 and join with a slip stitch.

2. Chain 4, then, working into the hole in the middle of the circle, (1 treble + 1 chain) x 11 times. (12tc).

3. Tie on your new colour. Again, this time you'll be working into the spaces. Chain 3 then work 1 treble. In the next 11 spaces work 2 treble crochets. (12 groups of 2 tc).

4. Tie in your next colour. Once again, working into the spaces, chain 3 then 2 treble crochets. In the following 11 spaces, work 3 trebles. (12 groups of 3 tc).

5. Tie in your last colour. Chain 1, 1 treble, chain 1.

6. In the next space - 3 double treble, 2 chain, 3 double treble, chain 1.

7. In the third space, 3 half double treble, chain 1.

8. In the next 3 spaces, 3 treble, chain 1.

9. In the seventh space, 1 half double treble, 2 double treble, chain 2, 2 double treble, 1 half double treble, chain 1.

10. In the next 3 spaces, 3 treble, chain 1.

11. In the eleventh space, 3 half double treble, chain 1.

12. In the twelfth space, 3 double treble, chain 2, 3 double treble, chain 1.

13. In the first space you worked in, 1 treble, 1 slip stitch.

Right that's you nearly done, just one more round to go - it's starting to look a bit heart shaped now...

14. OK, same colour, first space - 2 slip stitch, 1 half treble, chain 1.

15. Second space, 3 treble, chain 1, 1 treble, 1 half double treble, 1 double treble, chain 1.

16. Third space, 5 double treble, chain 1.

17. Fourth space, 1 double treble, 1 half double treble, 1 treble, chain 1.

18. In the next 3 spaces, 3 treble, chain 1.

19. Eighth space, 3 treble, chain 2, 3 treble, chain 1.

20. In the next 3 spaces, 3 treble, chain 1.

21. Twelfth space, 1 treble, 1 half double treble, 1 double treble, chain 1.

22. Thirteenth space, 5 double treble, chain 1.

23. Penultimate space, 1 double treble, 1 half double treble, 1 treble, chain 1, 3 treble, chain 1.

24. In your final space, 1 half treble, 2 slip stitch.

And you're done, 1 crocheted heart. Weave in your ends et voila! Beautiful.

What you do now is up to you. You could attach a ribbon to the middle and hang them individually. You could use them as patches. I chose to make them into a garland. I did this simply by creating a long chain, picking up stitches on the hearts every time I wanted to join one on. Before I did this, I took Bunny Mummy's advice and covered the hearts in starch spray just to stiffen them a bit.

I got a bit carried away - I could have made hundreds of these!

Aren't they pretty?

And here's the finished article, in situ, on Alison's fireplace (or 'Laura's Gallery' as she affectionately calls it!

So, anyone feeling inspired to make one of their own? We'd love to see!


  1. This is darling! Do you have it written without the pictures so I can print it out? I am sponsoring a craft club after school and I would love for them to make these.

  2. Hi may I know to to make. Half double treble

  3. I too was wandering what a half double treble is !

  4. I dont know how to crochet but these are gorgeous!

  5. This pattern seems to have a lot of errors. Rounds 2 & 3 don't have any chains between the trebles.

  6. What is a half double treble?

    1. I just spent a good amount of time online trying to figure that out. Here is what I managed to find: Yo twice. Insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop (4 loops on hook). Yo and draw through two loops (3 loops on hook)
      Yo and draw through remaining loops (1 loop on hook). It seems to work, and these are turning out very cute!


Thanks for your comments!

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