Saturday, 22 September 2012


Hey everyone!

Very quick post just to say hello to Mr Aled Jones - the Welsh dragon I've made for a friend's birthday. She moved (abandoned me?!) 8 whole years ago for university and never came back. Hopefully one day she will return, but for now I am coming to terms with it by making tiny amigurumi dragons!

Here he is!


Made using a combination of two different patterns, slightly amended for the eyes as I didn't have any beads to use, but I quite like his little smile. I LOVE the wings, I think they are my favourite bit :) Also the ears and arms worked out a little different, more through me not looking at the pattern as I sewed them on than by design, but I think the ears look more Welsh 'dragony'.

Pattern for body is here, and the pattern for the wee wings is here.

My favourite photo from our last trip down to Llandudno - my best friends, fiancee and partners with me behind the camera. We raced up to the top of the Orme for sunset and only just got there in time, it was crazy windy but beautiful. Good times, will try get there again some day soon!




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