Saturday, 20 October 2012

Christmas Craft Night (Alternative title: "Smell my kitchen")

It's only a few months until Christmas, and it's now cold and dark outside. Lots of candles, lovely smells, tasty food and Christmas related craft books greeted us at Fiona's house. And wine and tea, all of us were looked after :)

Amy had lost her crochet circles from last time, and was struggling with  mountains of wool...
Nom, cranberry cookies from Laura - delicious
Gingerbread with buttercream icing - amazing and very festive!

I wasn't quite sure what to make this evening, just something involving my weirdly large amount of festive patterned fabric :)
Reindeer applique time
Fiona is knitting a mug cosy, Laura crocheting a complicated chevron blanket and Amy crocheting  circles for bunting
Becky is crocheting the very beginnings of a blanket, with a little bit of help from a lady on the internet...
Wonderful Fiona made us very alcoholic mince meat, which involved apple, cranberry, oranges and rum (brandy?) and smelt amazing. Going to have mine with ice cream I reckon!
Applique reindeer!
Gold and green

Little squares!

Reindeer with final red stitch around.
Wonderful crafterevening. Still have a lot of fabric to use up tho...



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