Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Craftertime: Part 2 Crochet Snowmen

Crochet Snowmen!

These adorable little snowmen were made last year when I had to spend the entire day on the train couriering artwork for work - led to an old man who had been sitting behind me for three hours to finally ask what it was I had been making all that time. When I told him I was making tiny snowmen he looked at me quizzically and wandered away.

Pattern totally curtesy of this ace blog with a fantastic name - The Dapper Toad.
Train crochet, and the little scarf is made with scrap wool from Laura S. I loved this wool and was excited to find a use for it!
One of the three little snowmen in the tree, isn't he sweet :)
Tiny little baby snowman!
And now for a gratuitous tree shot! Here he is last year in all his glory.
Merry almost Christmas!

Love Ali


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