Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Craftertime: Part 3 Christmas Bunting

Christmas Funting (the fun name for bunting...)

Bunting is all over the place at the moment, and our house is no exception! I used up a load of Christmas left overs for these bad boys and am looking forward to them being put up on our bookcase this year - it was just being planned last year but is complete now!

I made double sided bunting to it will be more flexible, just cut lots of triangles, pin and sew along the edge
Red, green white.
They can go a bit wiggly, so give em a good iron

I used ribbon for the string, bit more luxurious than normal fabric and easy to use. To decide on spacings I  pinned the  ribbon to the wall and then pinned triangles to the ribbon, lots of measurements to make sure all was even!

Ta da! Not the best light in this photo, its always dark in winter, I may update this when  it goes up again this year.
Merry almost Christmas

Love Ali


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