Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Craft Night Blog Begins!

Above image is my nyancat blanket :) 

Hello all the ladies of Craft Night fame. I've decided to start a blog about our crafternoons, crafterevenings, craft nights and all collaborative craft related activities. I'm planning on taking photos of all of our projects, sharing them with the world (and if gifts, waiting until they have been gifted!) and linking back to patterns/ websites etc. Also maybe once in a while I'll add a pattern or 'how to' if one of us has done something new and exciting.

I want you all to join in, it is pretty much the same as our facebook group but more public and hopefully other people will get a kick out of looking at our projects, as much as I enjoy reading other crafting blogs hopefully!

And every so often there will be videos of nyancat, our unofficial anthem...

Love Ali xx


  1. Haha I love that Nyan Cat has become our anthem! Brilliant!

  2. hehe a comment on my blog post :) Exciting times!


Thanks for your comments!

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