Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Secret Twin Blankets Project! Part 1

For the past few months four of the craft night crew have had a fun, secret project. One our lovely craft buddies Natalie told us the wonderful news her and her husband were pregnant - with twins no less - we decided to combine our crafting powers to make them some cot quilts. We then found we had loads of left over fabric, so I carefully divided it up and we all took away a pile and this is the result! Photos and details of our quilting journey to come in next blog post!

I made some wee booties based on a pattern from 'Meet Me at Mikes' craft book by Pip Lincolne ( I've had the book for a while and have been a bit jealous of all the cute baby projects I've never had need of, so was excited to try. They were pretty easy to make, although I think they might be a little big for a while yet!

Fiona made decorated hooded towels, with some beautiful little buttons very securely sewn on! We were pretty impressed, Fiona hadn't been that keen on being put in charge of cutting the fabric for the quilts!

Amy made a bird mobile based on the same book we had used as a pattern for the quilts - Cath Kidston's 'Sew'. She made them pretty quickly and adapted the pattern by using a small circle from the craft store instead of the batons, and with some lovely matching ribbon too!

Laura made some lovely little taggies, one each so no squabbling! Not based on any particular pattern, all Laura's own design, and marvellous they are too! For more of Laura's designs visit her blog here -

Fun times and was lovely to see a happy mum and dad accepting! Now we just need some little ones to make their debut! 

Ali xx

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