Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Vintage bicycles!


We had our first craft night since starting the blog last night, and most productive it was - who knew we had it in us!

Firstly came the food tho, me and the boy were cooking some Mexican bits and pieces from my current favourite book* Mexican Food by Thomasina Myers. It's full of very tasty dishes, and all reasonably healthy too. Highly recommended, Laura is a fan too (and we were both a bit gutted to miss her when she came up our way a few weeks ago!). We are all busy working folk so our crafting always starts with food, and bitching. Anywho, we had lavender cupcakes and some really yummy Nutella meringue made by Laura derived from the wonder that is Pinterest. Score. 

Lavender cupcakes, sounds weird but they disappeared fairly quick. Thank you Hummingbird Bakery!

Amy's and Laura with a whole bevy of foodstuff. Nom.

Laura's Nutella meringues - love meringue. And saying it mer-in-guay. Fun times. I may or may not need to get out more.
Ok, now let's pretend to do some actual crafting! Although baking does count as craft so I suppose it counts? We spent most of the evening with Laura giving all the rest of us a very good tutorial on how the hell you use Blogger - not too difficult, just needs some 'splaining.

But the other major achievement was teaching our dear Fostins how to make a teeny tiny granny square - Amy has been avoiding craft night for a while after I made her make hexagons so I'm glad to have finally been there when she broke through the craft barrier.

Look at those fingers go!

Amy concentrating uber hard on those double crochet bastards.
We spent quite a lot of time discussing our favourite blogs, mainly what it is we don't like (we're a positive bunch...). Full decision was made to be as honest as possible when it comes to how we make things, and particularly what goes wrong and how frequently! However, I don't want to take words out of other people's mouths, and write about what it is I thought they found difficult, so the self criticism shall all be my own! All other co-bloggers should be as honest as they desire :) Also, we decided there shall be absolutely, completely no vintage bicycles.

Amy and her fairly difficult quilt pattern! I'm hoping when this bad boy is complete Amy will do her own post so won't say too much now. Safe to say it is a learning experience, and that metallic thread nearly caused a divorce in her house!

Laura merrily knitting away a lovely little surprise, so again I won't go in to too much detail.
My new teapot. Bought a house last year, but this is what is has made me feel most grown up ever!

And then it was time for tea. Long but very productive night, lots of skill sharing which is what these craft night's are all about. 

Stay tuned for next time when we shall be trooping up to Laura's, and fingers crossed we will have two tiny little additions to our crafting circle!

Love Ali


* Not my favourite book, just favourite cookery book!

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